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10% de remise dès 500 CHF d'achat - Livraison gratuite sous 48h
10% de remise dès 500 CHF d'achat - Livraison gratuite sous 48h

IFoodBag 25L customizable

A thermal bag made of recyclable paper (FSC certified), trapping cold and preventing condensation.
The thermal protection comes from the padding between the two condensation barrier walls, made of finely divided recycled paper.

Dimensions : Internal 442 x 661 mm / External 460 x 660 mm

The bags are available in 11, 15 and 25 liters


White outer paper for its reassuring associations with purity and hygiene or unbleached natural brown kraft to signal environmental awareness.
Excellent thermal protection and temperature control
Resistance to moisture
High tear, puncture and corner crush resistance
Superior wet and dry tear resistance
Made from a renewable resource with renewable energy
Optimal blend of virgin and recycled insulation fibers
Fully recyclable
Naturally biodegradable


The IFOODBAG system is THE ecological solution for your "last mile" cold chain.
Your refrigerated truck is becoming obsolete, the passive conservation of cold by the IFOODBAG & ALVOBOX solutions replace it at a lower cost. A bag made of 100% cellulose,
a reusable and embeddable box made of a 100% recyclable polymer: excellent CO2 balance, conservation performance, practicality.

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