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10% discount from 500 CHF purchase - Free delivery within 48 hours
10% discount from 500 CHF purchase - Free delivery within 48 hours

BioGrass Customizable

Dimensions Dimensions : According to your request

    BioGrass is the ideal ecological solution to replace your Kraft paper bags. Its production requires much less water than wood cellulose. Thanks to its composition (25-30% grass, inks and glue without solvent), the BioGrass bag is recyclable and compostable.

    Adapted to all needs, it allows your customers to carry their purchases, even the heaviest ones.

    As a second use, it allows you to conveniently collect paper waste for recycling.


    Prints: up to eight colours
    Minimum quantity: 1.000-5.000 pieces depending on the handles
    Packaging: bulk in cardboard box
    Guaranteed shelf life: 36 months
    Delivery time: 8 weeks after confirmation
    Traceability: traceability and transparency of the production chain ensured through compliance with a code affixed to the product (QR Code).


    Raw materials :
    25-30% recycled herbs
    70-75% recycled Kraft (for bags with twisted or flat handles) / 70-75% virgin Kraft (for bags with cord handles)
    Solvent-free inks and glue, water-based inks
    Sustainable forest

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